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How To Winterize an Inboard Boat the Right Way


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Getting Started

Knowing how to winterize your boat properly can make or break your next season. Failure to do so can also dramatically reduce the life of your tow boat, and cause you to spend hundreds if not thousands on repair costs. Therefore, it is essential to follow the proper procedure when it comes to putting your boat into hibernation.

All of the steps are outlined in detail throughout this article, but below is a checklist that you can use while getting your boat ready for winter:

  • Stabilize the fuel system
  • Load the boat onto it’s trailer
  • Remove the plugs
  • Drain and rinse the engine compartment
  • Check, clean and treat your spark plugs and carburetor
  • Change the oil
  • Check the fiberglass for cracks or dings
  • Inspect the propellor and instruments
  • Remove carpet (if you have snap in carpeting)
  • Clean the fiberglass hull
  • Clean and condition the vinyl
  • Clean and treat the teak swim platform
  • Drain the ballast tanks (if you have them)
  • Check the electronics -- replacing fuses and bulbs when necessary
  • Disconnect and store the battery in a warm dry place
  • Wax the fiberglass
  • Cover and store the boat for winter

Please note that these tips are specific to inboard boats. For general boat winterizing tips check out this article.

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