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Vintage, Collectible, Antique and Retro Water Skis

Take A Step Back In Time


Vintage, Collectible, Antique and Retro Water Skis
Waterskiing was invented by Ralph Samuelson in 1922 when he skimmed across the water on two pine boards. In 1925 Fred Waller received the first patent on water skis he called "Dolphin Akwa-Skees." Thus there became a market for water skis. Over the years we've seen skis manufactured by Cypress Gardens, Hydro-Flite, Wave King, Lund, Maherajah, Aqua Rite, Healthways, O'Brien and more.

You may have uncovered a dusty vintage water ski in your shed and don't know what to do with it or where to find replacement parts... or you may be a collector of the vintage wooden water skis. Either way, there are resources for you.

One of the more popular emails topics I receive is one about vintage water skis. Most of the time someone is looking to repair or find replacement parts for their wooden treasure. Often the best chance is to purchase an entire vintage ski and take parts off of it.

Other times, people just want to know what year their vintage ski was manufactured or how much it is valued.

Here Is A Suggestion...

Shop for Vintage Water Skis On Ebay
Nine times out of ten there will be somebody selling old water skis on ebay.

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