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Jumping the Wake on a Wakeboard

Getting Big Air Helps Execute Tricks


The key to a good wakeboarding jump or pop off the wake is not determined by how fast you cut to the wake, but rather your progressive edge towards the wake with a tight towrope.

You begin by smoothly rolling out of your turn and gently edging towards the wake. If you turn too fast rope slack will occur and you will be jerked forward and off balance.

Apply pressure to your heels and lower them into the water a little deeper the closer you get to the wake. Your body position should be leaning away from the wake with your knees slightly bent but stiff. Hold the handle palms down near your waistline, close to your body with your arms bent.

Maintain your edge through the wake. Don't flatten the board on the water as you approach the wake. Keep your weight evenly distributed on the board. About 2-3 feet before reaching the wake begin your pop by extending your body more to a standing position. While in the air keep your chest open and your head up. Don't look down. Your wakeboard should be pointing towards your landing spot.

Upon landing, bend your knees so that the shock will be absorbed.

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