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Beginners Guide to Wakeboarding

Learn the Basics of Wakeboarding and Enjoy a New Sport


Beginners Guide to Wakeboarding
Radu ionescu/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
Are you interested in getting involved with wakeboarding? If you want to know what equipment you'll need and learn the basics of riding on a wakeboard, then this is a great place to start.


    Knowing the lingo when around boat-towed water sports, such as wakeboarding, shortens the learning curve and helps with communication and safety. After you know the terms you won't be offended when someone calls you "goofy footed." Here is a collection of terms in a glossary format to get you started.

  • Wakeboarding, Wake Skating, and Wake Surfing Terms
  • Boating Terms

Buying a Wakeboard

Choosing Wakeboard Bindings

    Wearing the correct wakeboard bindings is just as important as the wakeboard you stand on when it comes to comfort and skill level on the water. If the bindings are too loose or too tight you won't be able to ride for very long. Before purchasing bindings of your own, learn the components of wakeboard bindings, including overlay, underlay, footbed, hardware, baseplate, and adjustment.

Setting Up Your Wakeboard Bindings

    Your wakeboard bindings set-up on your board should reflect your skill level. Learn about binding placement on the board and your stance to maximize wakeboarding performance.

  • Learn Proper Binding Placement

Wakeboard Fins

    You don't have to keep the factory fin set-up on your wakeboard. Experiment with the fins and how they change the way the board performs. Also, consider water conditions when selecting your fin set-up.

  • More on Fin Types and Placement

Determining Which Foot to Put Forward on Your Wakeboard

    One of the first questions a wakeboarder has is which foot to put in the forward binding. There are several ways to help you decide which foot should go in the front binding.

  • Learn More on Which Foot Forward

Buying A Wakeboard Tow Rope

Choosing a Life Vest

    Before you buy a life vest suitable for wakeboarding use these guidelines to consider your purchase. A jacket with the right fit is key to a safe and comfortable ride behind the boat.

Wakeboarding Hand Communications and Signals

    Hand signals are used by the wakeboarder on the water to communicate with the boat driver and crew inside the boat. Prevent confusion and keep safe by learning and using these hand signals.

The Wakeboarding Deepwater Start

Basic Wakeboarding Skills

Boat Buying Guide

    Once you are hooked on wakeboarding you may want to take the next step and purchase your own boat. Like shopping for a car, deciding on which boat to buy can make you want to pull your hair out. Avoid disappointment and do your homework prior to the purchase.

  • Tips on Buying a NEW Boat
  • Tips on Buying a USED Boat

Driving a Boat

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