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Wakeboarding Beginner Tips

Find out how to do a deepwater wakeboard start, which foot forward, frontside and backside tips and tricks, gear care, and more. Learn tricks such as the bunny hop, heelside and toeside moves, method grab, ollie, surfing, slides, and more.

How To Get Up on a Wakeboard
Learn the basics of wakeboarding with this very clear step by step instructional on getting up for the first time.

Beginners Guide to Wakeboarding
Everything you need to know before you go wakeboarding for the first time behind a boat.

Getting Started With Wakeboarding Email Newsletter
If you'd like to receive information to get you started with the sport of wakeboarding, subscribe to this 12 day email newsletter. You'll learn about purchasing equipment, setting up your wakeboard, basic wakeboarding tips, buying a boat, and more.

How To Buy the Right Wakeboard for You
The definitive guide to help you find the right wakeboard to get started in one of the most exhilarating sports on the water.

Before You Buy a Wakeboard
Buying your first wakeboard can be a tough decision. There are so many things to consider: board manufacturer, size, features, bindings, etc.

Which Foot Forward on a Wakeboard?
Use this as a guide to decide which foot to put in your front wakeboard boot.

Wakeboard Binding Set-Up
Instruction on how to set up your bindings on a twin tip wakeboard. Learn the proper stance for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. Illustrations available for reference.

How Fast Should You Go?
There are so many activities you can do behind a boat, and each works best at different boat speeds. Use this feature to determine how fast the boat should be traveling when wakeboarding or participating in other boat-towed sports.

Deepwater Start
From your About.com Guide, information on how to position the board, where to put your knees, and when to stand up.

How to Grip a Wakeboarding or Slalom Waterskiing Tow Rope
Knowing how to properly hold a wakeboard tow rope will help you gain speed and execute tricks.

Progressive Heelside Edge
Learning the wakeboarding progressive heelside edge is an important skill in wakeboarding.

Jumping the Wake on a Wakeboard
The key to a good wakeboarding jump is not determined by how fast you cut to the wake, but rather, your progressive edge towards the wake with a tight tow line. These instructions will help you jump the wake on a wakeboard.

"Wakeboarding...On The Edge" - Book / CD ROM Product Review
This book / CD ROM combination offers instruction on the basics of wakeboarding, as well as jumping, and also focuses on the more complex moves of rotations, and an experts only section.

Mini Pro Indo Board: Product Review
Great wakeboarding balance training device that does not require a boat.

Trampoline Training
Trampoline training can aid you in learning new wakeboarding skills. Crash course in the dos and don'ts of practicing your art on the trampoline.

How to Enhance Your Boat's Wake
Here's how to make the boat's wake larger so that a wakeboarder can jump higher.

WaterSki Magazine's Wakeboarding Tips
Beginner to advanced aricles and tips on wakeboarding to improve your skills and take you to the next level.

Wakeboarding Trick Glossary
In order to help people figure out what all the crazy trick names in wakeboarding mean, wakeboarder.com created a Trick Glossary that defines every trick.

WakePhysics - Instructional Book
This book will fit in the glove compartment of your boat, so it is easily accessible each time you go wakeboarding. It is water-resistant, it floats, and it is made of a very durable synthetic material. In it you will find100 different tricks, from beginner to advanced.

Contest Riding vs. Free Riding?
What's the difference between contest riding and free ridigng? And how do you become a good contest rider? Tommy Phillips gives us an overview. Article from Wakeboarder.com.

Beginners Guide To Wakeboarding
Learn about the basics, stance, bindings placement, deepwater starts, switchstance start, crossing the wake, and jumping the wake. Information from Wakeboarding New Zealand.

Beginner Tricks
Crossing wakes, surf the wave, air, bunny and surface hop, sideslide, surface 360, and more from Wakeboarding New Zealand.

The Fundamentals for Advancement
There are a few basic fundamentals that are the key to all tricks. Once you master them, any move is possible. Here is the explanation, from WaterSki magazine by Charley Patterson.

Dave's Wakeboard Troubleshooter for Beginners
Information on equipment, getting started, wake jumping, and more.

Grab Index
Shows you all the grabs. Just point your mouse over the specified areas. From Wakeboarding Magazine Online.

Heelside 360
One of the most classic tricks in wakeboarding. Watch this trick as an animated image or as an AVI movie. Tips from Wakeboarder.com.

Method Grab
Classic boardsports trick that is very popular in skateboarding, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. Watch this trick as an animated image or as an AVI movie. Tips from Wakeboarder.com.

Ollie Blind 180
Can be used as a stepping stone to learning a wake to wake blind 180. Watch this trick as an animated image or as an AVI movie. Tips from Wakeboarder.com.

WakeWorld gives you tips on performing the beginner trick of a sideslide, complete with a video clip.

Surf Carve
Not really a trick, more of something you can do to have fun while riding. Watch this trick as an animated image or as an AVI movie. Tips from Wakeboarder.com.

20 Tips for Instant Wakeboarding Success
Want to shorten your learning curve? Here are 20 tips from pro rider Cobe Mikacich and Boats.com. Includes the gear, driver, getting up, jumping the wake, learning to spin, and your first flip.

Understanding Wakeboard Design
A look at some of the basic elements that go into wakeboard design, including the rocker, sidecut, outline, rails, fin placement, channels, and bindings.

Wakeboard Singapore Tips
Information on equipment, getting started, wake jumping, beginner tricks, and more.

How to Jump on a Wakeboard
Learning how to Jump on a Wakeboard is easy with this step by step instructional.

Beginner Wakeboard Grabs
Learn the basic grabs and how to add them to your repertoire of tricks.

Review of the Wake MD Ipad App
Review of Shaun Murray's Wake MD Mobile App.

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