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Tournaments in areas such as show skiing, slalom, trick, wakeboard, and jump. Rankings, records, rules, course diagrams, sponsorship, boat speeds, buoy count charts, scoring packages, towrope conversion table, and more.
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Fantasy Wakeboarding League - Draft Your Own Dream Team of Wakeboarders
Professional wakeboarders... You draft them, you trade them, and you start them in pro tournament competitions in the Fantasy Wakeboarding League to compete for prizes.

Tournament / Event Schedule - Waterskiing, Wakeboarding
2006 Tournament / Event Schedule - Water skiing, wakeboarding, ski flying, show skiing, barefooting, kneeboarding, collegiate, hydrofoil, diasabled skiing and more.

Rankings System - How Does It Work For Water Skiers?
Rankings System - How Does It Work For Tournament Water Skiers?

How To Become An INT Participant
Getting Started, How To Become An INT Participant, International Amateur Waterski, Wakeboard, Wakeskate and Kneeboard Tour

Fantasy Waterskiing - Draft Your Own Dream Team
Fantasy Waterskiing - Professional skiers in slalom, tricks, jump, and wakeboarding. About.com > Waterskiing Wakeboarding Guide

Krueger, Nightingale Named USA Water Ski’s 2006 Athletes Of The Year
Freddy Krueger, who went undefeated in 2006 and set a pending Men’s world jumping record, and Mandy Nightingale, who set a new Women’s world tricks record for the first time in seven years, were selected USA Water Ski’s 2006 Male and Female Athletes of the Year.

2004 Waterski / Wakeboard Athletes of the Year Announced by the IWSF
2004 Waterski / Wakeboard Athletes of the Year Announced by the IWSF

Internet resource designed specifically for water skiers who compete in tournaments worldwide. Access water ski tournament results, World and U.S. national rankings and upcoming tournament information.

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