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Determining Which Foot to Put Forward in Slalom Water Ski or Wakeboard Bindings

Are You Goofy Footed In Your Wakeboard Bindings or Slalom Water Ski Bindings?


Here are ways to help you decide which foot to put in the forward in your wakeboard bindings or slalom water ski bindings.

  • The Falling Test
    Stand with your feet together and close your eyes. Ask someone to gently push you forward from behind. Which ever foot goes forward first to catch your balance is the one you should try putting in the forward wakeboard binding or slalom water ski binding. Right foot forward is considered "goofy footed."

    This is most effective if the person in question stands with their eyes closed and then you take them by surprise when pushing them forward. This way they can't subconsciously choose which foot to put forward.

  • The Pants Test
    Whichever foot a person puts in a pair of pants first is the foot that should go in the front binding.

  • The Demo Test
    A great way to decide the forward foot is to demo a water ski or wakeboard and try both your left and right foot in the front binding. Do whatever feels the most natural. Either way, you are likely to feel a little less balanced on your off-side when crossing the wake. Off-side is when your back leg is closest to the wake.

  • The Ski Lift Test
    This tip submitted by Chris Harmon with California Water Sports in Carlsbad, California, suggests "As a professional ski instructor I use the following method. Have the novice start on doubles (combo skis). Tell the skier to lift one ski out of the water about six to 12 inches for two to six seconds with their ankle flexed up so the tip of the ski doesn't catch the water.

    Next, instruct the skier to alternate between their left and right ski for two to six minutes. Make sure the skier keeps the handle at hip level and that the handle remains quiet (meaning not to pull using the arms) and keep their chin up. After this process, the skier will definitely know which foot is easier to balance on. That foot should be the front foot on the single ski."

  • The Kick Test
    Site visitor Winter Hawley suggests "When trying to decide which foot to put forward on a slalom water ski, have the person stand with their eyes closed. Hold a life jacket or something else they can kick in front of them, and tell them to kick it with out thinking. The foot they kick with is the foot they should put forward."

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