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The Top 5 Wakeboard Tower Speakers

High Quality Audio Matched for Any Boat


A little extra rhythm can go a long way for your riding skills. And there’s nothing worse than having a killer sound system on your boat but doesn’t have enough gusto to reach you when you’re riding 70 feet out. In light of this oh so common quandary, I give you the top five wakeboard tower speakers presently on the market, guaranteed to amp up the volume on your next ride.

1. Rockford Fosgate M282

Rockford has created a brilliant set of speakers in the M282. These speakers have been engineered with everything you could ever want for a great day of riding. They are extremely weatherproof with multiple layers of waterproofing and even UV resistant coating to prevent sun damage. Plus, the M282’s are undeniably good looking -- a classy brushed stainless steel grill, and a standard bullet style housing available in black or white.

But most important though, is the sound. You get all of the crystal clear sound you’d expect from Rockford and with a bass thump that can project to 80 feet and beyond. With an MSRP of $600 a set, these are a perfect balance between quality and value.

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2. Wet Sounds Revolution Series

If you're concerned with top notch sound quality, then don’t overlook the Revolution series from Wetsounds. Available in a few different arrays, the Revolution speakers are engineered for big sound projection. Sporting a 10” subwoofer and 600 watts of power, each speaker gives an incredibly powerful thump without sacrificing clarity.

The one downside is that these speakers a rather rotund, which is no problem if you have a bigger boat, but can crowd the headspace on smaller boats. Also, starting at around $2000 for a 4 speaker setup, these are some of the most expensive speakers in the lineup. For a more affordable option, check out the Wet Sounds Icon series.

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3. Wakeworks Bullet Twin

Coming in at the middle of the list is the Wakeworks Bullet Twin Speaker set. These rank number three because they are the perfect balance of quality and affordability. Launching an impressive 200 watts per speaker you get plenty of volume in a relatively small package. Couple that with the incredibly lightweight aluminum housing and easy to install clamps that fit just about any tower, and you have a speaker set that will be a perfect match on virtually any boat. The icing on this cake, though, is the five year warranty which is unparalleled on this market. These are a perfect match for smaller boats.

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4. Roswell Vamp Spin Speakers

There are those times when you need to customize your audio setup, and when all of your tower speakers are fixed to only send sound to the rider, things can sound a little flat inside the cockpit. That’s where the Roswell Vamp Spin comes in. These speakers mount like any other tower speaker, but sport fully rotating joints to give you 11 easily adjustable sound positions. That means you can send the sound in virtually every direction you could want it. To up the ante, these speakers boast a fancy LED illuminated grill to give your twilight sessions just a little something extra.

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