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Full Review of Hyperlite's System Binding

A Unique Binding with a Truly Custom Fit

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The System Binding from Hyperlite
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The Bottom Line

The System is a very innovative binding option that will appeal to riders on all levels. It is a truly custom fitted binding that will allow riders to easily fine tune their riding stance and style. This universal appeal means that the System will be your ultimate binding no matter where your riding takes you.

  • Solid construction
  • Ultra customizable from all control points
  • Quick “in and out” entry method
  • Multiple boot options for different rider preferences
  • Works for riders of all skill levels
  • Bulky appearance
  • Slight learning curve for newer riders

Full Review of the Hyperlite System Binding

When Hyperlite first announced the release of "The System" binding in Spring 2011 it created quite a stir in the industry. The idea of a two piece boot and binding combo was a completely new concept and left a lot of riders scratching their heads. It was the first time a wakeboard binding was created with a separate base and boot.

Now, gear innovation is inevitable with any sport, but sometimes it's necessary to wait and see what has staying power. Well, here we are one year later and the System binding is still on the market, continuing to rise in popularity. So if you've been curious to try this unique new binding setup, then check out how it ranks in terms of form, fit, and functionality.


For snowboarders, the ratchet binding and boot combo in Hyperlite's "System" is not a foreign concept. Considering the vast similarities between snowboarding and wakeboarding, the System binding makes perfect sense.

The bindings were designed for adjustability, strength, and support, and with those extra options comes a little extra bulk. Although the System binding is light in weight (just over 3 lbs. for boot and binding) it has a very beefy look. There are two ratchet straps that come over the top of your already bulky boot, which may -- depending on rider preference -- seem a little cumbersome, especially if you are used to riding with standard one piece boots.


What the System binding lacks in appearance is made up for in fit. The bindings are broken into two pieces: the boot, and the high back ratcheting base plate. Both components provide customization, and adjustability to achieve one truly perfect fit. There are four different styles of boot to choose from, all of which have varying levels of flexibility depending on rider preference.

All of the boots feature heat molded liners so that your foot goes right to the same place every time, completely eliminating heel shift and toe wiggle. The base plate has an adjustable high back so that you can choose the angle you are most comfortable riding at. The ratchets can also be adjusted in length over your ankle and toe for more responsive control. The System binding is really geared toward riders who want to customize their fit and then continue fine tuning it as their skills increase.


When you first jump in the water with the System bindings on your board, you will immediately become enamored with how responsive they are. The articulating highback on the baseplate allows you to control the board with your entire leg instead of just heel and toe movement. This added control allows you to make sharper turns, pop bigger airs, and finesse your movement.

Additionally, you can be locked in and ready to ride within a matter of seconds by simply putting your boot in the baseplate, ratcheting up, and taking off. On the downside, newer riders will have a tough time getting used to the separate boot and ratchet combo, and may take a bit more effort to find that perfect fit. Nonetheless, the System is a responsive binding that will definitely take your riding to new heights.

Final Word

The System boot and binding combo is worth every penny. If you are looking for a binding setup that you can easily tweak to fit your riding style, then the System is a no-brainer.

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