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Review of the Ronix Cell Binding

Lightweight and Minimal Wakeboard Bindings

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Ronix Cell Bindings
Photo © Ambush Board Co
The Bottom Line

The Ronix Cell binding was designed for more advanced riders. It provides a level of control that is unparalleled, and a sleek design that looks good with any wakeboard setup. Couple that with it's insanely light weight, and you have a binding that will truly connect you with the board.

  • Ergonomic, heat molded, custom fit
  • Baseless low profile design
  • Ultra light weight (under two lbs.)
  • Made with eco-friendly sustainable materials
  • Solid construction
  • Great responsiveness

  • Hard for beginners to get used to

Full Review of the Ronix Cell Binding

There's always a minimalist in every crowd. The one who keeps everything simple and pure. When it comes to wakeboard bindings, the Ronix Cell is definitely the minimalist. A truly inspired, and thoroughly planned design make these bindings a joy to behold. When the folks at Ronix set out to make the Cell Boot, they had one thing in mind -- control.

And it certainly shows, everything in this advanced boot has been engineered for maximum board control. All of the unnecessary frills and extra weight have been dropped to create a truly stellar boot. However, this boot has been designed with intermediate to advanced riders in mind. So if you're unsure on whether the cell is a perfect "fit" for you, then see how it stacks up in the three main points of binding design: form, fit, and functionality.


The Cell is a gorgeous boot from head to toe. And with double and triple stitching throughout the entire construction, it's also solid. However, the first thing you might notice about the Cell design is the weight. Coming in at just under two lbs. a piece, these bindings can really cut down on the total weight of your board setup. Considering a lot of popular binding models can be upwards of six lbs. per boot, this can really help you get more air, and minimize fatigue from extra weight. And who wouldn't mind losing a few extra pounds?

In addition to the feathery feel, the low profile baseless design minimizes the appearance of extra hardware on your board. Rounded out by a sleek neutral black color, the Cell is definitely a looker.


Like most Ronix boots, the Cell is heat molded to your foot, which will reduce break-in time by weeks. Unique to the Cell however, is a stiff back wall insert designed to keep your leg in place and reduce chafing from riding movement. Sliding your foot into the cell, you will notice that it is tight in all the right places. The top of the boot cinches down perfectly over your ankle and toes, giving you a very secure feeling without cutting off circulation.

You will also notice that your heel slides perfectly into a "pocket" effectively cupping the back of your foot. Even though these bindings have a minimal amount of padding, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Every inch of the boot is made with rider comfort in mind, and the Cell absolutely delivers on fit.


The most important question though, is how does it ride? To put it simply, this boot is responsive. From calf to heel to toe, the Cell hits every single important pressure point, and you won’t ever find yourself compensating for extra movement in the boot. It becomes a total extension of your leg; you think, it reacts.

On the downside, if you aren’t used to that type of responsiveness, then it may take a few riding sessions to get acclimated with it. Over time however, you will notice a marked difference in how much more board control you have. In any case, this boot style binding is a true performer, and will certainly give you greater riding confidence.

Final Word

Plain and simple -- this binding definitely hits every mark for form, fit, and function. The Cell will help intermediate to advanced riders improve their skills and shed unwanted pounds from their setup.

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