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Twiggy - "The Water-Skiing Squirrel"


Twiggy -

Twiggy - "The Waterskiing Squirrel"

Twiggy, a Florida gray squirrel, travels the world with her stunning water-skiing talent on the international boat show circuit. She captures the hearts of her on-lookers as she showcases her skill as the world's most sought after water-skier.

Chuck and Lou Ann Best found a squirrel blown out its nest by Hurricane David in 1978. On a whim, Chuck used his daughter's remote control boat to train the squirrel to water-ski. About six generations later, Twiggy is known to make her appearances on boat show tours. Chuck has since passed on but his wife continues to run the show.

Over the years, Twiggy has made several television appearances as well as been featured in newspapers and magazines worldwide. Her television credits include the "Rosie O'Donnell" show, "Real TV" and various shows on the Nickelodeon and Animal Planet channels.

As you can see from her photograph, Twiggy is a safety conscious critter and insists on wearing a life jacket while skiing.

This water crazed squirrel skis behind a miniature radio-controlled Ski Nautique boat that cruises at speeds of 5 or 6 miles an hour. A 25 foot diameter custom made heated swimming pool is used to display her talent.

Twiggy thrives on the affection she receives from her adoring fans after each performance.

According to rexfeatures.com, "Lou Ann shrugs off accusations of cruelty from animal rights campaigners, saying:

"Twiggy is really quite happy with her life. She has her own room at home with trees to climb, and has the run of my motor home while we're on the road."

Look for Twiggy at a boat show near you to see her in person.

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