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Boat Maintenance Tips

Tips to keep your boat in great shape, along with preventative maintenance and repair tips. Includes winterizing / de-winterizing tips, engine service, torque tips, timing systems, gelcoat repair, and more.

Boat Wax Plus, Removes Water Spots, Spray On and Wipe Off

Boat Wax Plus, just spray on and wipe off to remove water spots from your waterskiing or wakeboarding boat.

Boat Water Spot Removal Suggestions

Use these tips when wanting to remove water spots from your boat's gel-coat finish.

How To Enhance Your Boat's Wake

Here's how to make the boat's wake larger so that a boarder can jump higher.

Water Spot Removal Suggestions for your Boat

From your About.com Guide, find out how to prevent water spots on your boat or how to remove current ones.

Adjusting Boat Speedometers

How do I know my speedo reads right? How do I adjust it? From utoronto.com.

Boat Cleaning

Here's how to clean a variety of surfaces found on a modern boat. Includes info on boat hull waxing, gel coat cleaning, rust removal, canvas cleaning, cleaning bilges and more.

Boat Doctor

Frequently asked questions, tech tips, problem solving flow chart, discussion forum, and more. They try to answer your questions within 24 hours.

boatus.com Tech Tips

You'll find answers to questions about boating products, as well as boat operation, maintenance, equipment and safety.

Boat Maintenance Tips - from Sea Ray

Tons of useful tips for keeping your boat in tip-top shape. Everything from canvas care to propeller torque.

Drivetrain Comparison

Inboard vs I/O vs outboard vs jet, from utoronto.com.

Electronic Timing Systems

Give your skiers a run through the course that you know is good, from utoronto.com.

Fiberglass Blisters

Effective prevention and treatment, from boats.com.

Gelcoat Care

With proper care, your boat's gelcoat can maintain its shine for many years, from boats.com.

Gelcoat Repair Tips

How to recover from a hole in the boat, from utoronto.com.

Inboard Prop Removal

Prop removal and installation tricks, from utoronto.com.

Inboard Propeller Seal Information

Keep your boat from sinking, from utoronto.com.

Maintaining Fiberglass

Regular fiberglass care prolongs boat life, from boats.com. Includes information on the boat bottom, topsides, deck, wood, interior, engines, and more.

Marine Audio Systems

Sounds at Sea - Build the right marine audio system, from boats.com. Includes information on the basics, speakers, mounting, and manufacuturers.

By0The-Sea Boatbuilders Forum

Post your questions and replies regarding discussion topics of boat construction, repair, design, and systems.

Recaulking Basics

Removing and replacing caulking can bring new life to your boat, from boats.com. Includes information on reefing out old caulking, preparing the grooves, the right caulking, paying the seams, and more.

Replacing A Rub Rail

Your fiberglass boat's rub rail doesn't have to be forever , from boats.com. Includes information on removing the old rail, installing the new rail, and the transom corners.

Rig Tips

Here are some tips to keep your boat and trailer looking sharp after a season of towing them to the lake. Article from WaterSki magazine.

Sink-Proof Your Boat

Keeping water out of your boat ... and what to do if it gets in, from boats.com


Need help with your ski boat maintenance? This site has a message board, FAQ, parts list, and more.

Spring Pre Launch Checklist

After winter's cold temperatures, heavy snows and high winds, boats need special care in the spring. Time spent with this checklist today - can save time and money later. Tips from boatus.com.

Through-Hull Fittings

How to maintain your fittings because a two inch hole just a few feet below the waterline can sink a 30' boat in just a few minutes. From the Nautical Know How website.

Easy Spring Commissioning

Twenty-five tips for making spring boat prep a breeze, from boats.com.

Torqued Out

You power up in your friend's tournament boat and immediately feel something different. The steering wheel in your buddy's boat pulls to the right. Here is the explanation, from WaterSki magazine.

Water Leaking From AirGuide Speedometer

The cause and solutions, from utoronto.com.
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