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2013 Ronix Code 22 Wakeboard

The Pinnacle of Wakeboard Technology


2013 Ronix Code 22 Wakeboard

The 2013 Code 22 wakeboard by Ronix

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber.com

It is inevitable that as wakeboarders grow and evolve, their boards will follow suit. In well under a decade, Ronix Wake Manufacturing has asserted itself as an innovator that will continually push the accepted norm of the industry. Actually, thanks to Ronix there is no such thing as a “norm” for the industry. For 2013, they have upped their own bar once again with the Code 22 Intelligent wakeboard.

Board Profile

Rider Skill: Advanced to Expert
Core Material: Maple, Foam, Paulownia Wood, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass
Rocker Type: Three Stage
Fin Configuration: Four Fiberglass 1” fins and four fiberglass .8” utility fins
Pro athlete who uses it: Dean Smith
Warranty: 1 Year
Lengths Available: 135, 139, 143

Upon seeing this board for the first time you’ll notice it looks simple, clean, and I’ll just say it -- sleek. But if you take a closer look and pick it up and you’ll instantly realize that there is a lot more complexity at work here. This board is so thin, solid, and lightweight that you can’t help but utter a single exclamation when holding it in your hands -- “wow!”

By design the Code 22 is extremely impressive -- a product 24 years in the making that is engineered solely for the purpose of getting more pop on your jumps, and more reaction on your turns. For those of you that appreciate the technical aspect of wakeboarding, this board contains some major advances in not only the board shape, but the materials used as well.

First off, it features an all maple stringer surrounded by an incredibly responsive specialized Italian foam which is exclusive to Ronix board designs. The maple center provides incredible strength while the foam makes it lightweight and reactive on the edges.

The core is then reinforced with arced pieces of Paulownia wood which is not only environmentally responsible Paulownia is one of the fastest growing hardwood trees in the world) but also helps the board maintain its shape and responsiveness year after year.

The unique blend of materials doesn’t stop at the core. The Code 22 is coated with a fiberglass and carbon fiber blend that is interwoven together to create a snappy responsiveness on the water. The advantage of this mixture is that the carbon fiber and fiberglass work together rather than independently to provide even more responsiveness on the overall surface of the board.

And speaking of surface area, it’s abundantly clear that the engineers at Ronix understand one very important principle when it comes to wakeboarding -- more surface area equals a bigger sweet spot for takeoffs and landings. That means you’ll have less off-balanced jumps overall.

If all of the aforementioned advancements weren’t enough, Ronix took the Code 22 one step further by reinforcing the sidewalls of the board with a special braided fiberglass cord that is soaked in resin, effectively keeping your edges from getting brittle or cracking.

The Ronix Code 22 is shaping up to be one of the biggest advancements in wakeboard technology for the year 2013, and in my book is a front runner for board of the year. Rounded out by suction cups for extra boot to board response, and a slick sintered bottom for near frictionless riding on the water or boardsliding on rails; the code 22 is made with serious riders in mind.

Primary Features

  • Top deck suction cups to improve the board to boot connectivity for quick response.
  • The vertical sidewall has been increased to push the tail out of the water and improve speed.
  • Rocker line height has been reduced, effectively breaking the common misconception that you need more rocker for more pop off the wake. Instead, this rail and rocker are designed to push more forward momentum using a more natural slope.
  • A thinner overall profile provides more energy and rebound when coming off the wake, allowing for much softer landings.

Who’s this board for?

Bottom line, this board is for seasoned riders who are looking to keep pushing the vertical limits of their jumps and find more speed in their cuts. Beginners may want progress a little more before investing in such an advanced wakeboard.

Make sure you check out the Ronix Wake official website for the latest news and developments from the company.

Do you need help finding the perfect board?

The right wakeboard is out there for every skill level, so please feel free to drop me an email and let me know about your riding history and what your goals are. I would be happy to make a recommendation for you based on your own individual needs.
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