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Listing of barefoot skiing links. Accessories, organizations, rules, resources, booms, schools, training, barefoot tips and videos.
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How to Barefoot Waterski
A step by step primer to get you on your way to barefoot waterskiing.

Cypress Gardens Celebrates Banana George's 91st Birthday
Cypress Gardens Celebrates Banana George's 91st Birthday and Inaugurates him as Mayor of Cypress Gardens Adventure Park.

ABC American Barefoot Club
ABC is the governing body for Barefoot Waterskiing in the United States.

ABC Rule Book
This document is current as of 2001.

Banana George
The 80 year old plus Banana George is probably one of the world's best known water-skiers of all time. Where will he make his next appearance? Find out here.

Barefoot Water Skiing Podcast
US Barefoot Water Ski Member and National Champion Lane "Dawg” Bowers' offers up his advice to help you be the best barefoot water skier on your lake. Subscribe to this broadcast and upload it to your iPod to make your barefooting dreams a reality.

Barefoot Central
Exchange thoughts and opinions on the sport, view reviews about equipment, meet other footers, and have some fun.

The Barefoot Company
Florida pro shop in Winter Haven. Barefoot training and equipment. Home of the Footer's Edge Training Center.

British Barefoot Water Ski
Information on competing, rules, calendar, officials, the skiers, results, standings, records, and committees. From British Water Ski Online.

Ron Scarpa - Professional Barefooter
Since 1980 Ron Scarpa has worked to perfect and promote the art of barefoot skiing. His dedication to students of all levels, with the most effective and efficient techniques has allowed Ron to not only become the greatest barefooter of all time, but produce most of the worlds top competitors over the last 20 years.

Schiek Back Belts
From bodytrends.com.

Personal Site: Barefoot Dave
He lives in Leesburg, Virginia. Site includes photos, videos, and a little about himself.

Shoe Ski Reviews
Reviews of shoe skis on the market for barefooters, as well as whay to look for when buying shoe skis, by Chuck Gleason. Courtesy of BareFootCentral.com

Beginner Barefoot Waterski Tricks
Five very easy barefoot tricks that will impress everyone in the boat.

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