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2013 Tige RZ4 Wakeboard Boat

The 2013 Coup de Gras from Tige


2013 Tige RZ4

The 2013 Tige RZ4

Photo © Tige Boats

Tige's flagship v-drive does nothing but impress this year. The 2013 Tige RZ4 sports all of the amenities you could ever want in a watersports boat. There are tons of storage options, plenty of creature comforts, and ample places for your friends to sit. The interior screams luxury with diamond stitched cushions, and a sleek low profile dash.

As for the ride, the RZ4 has widely been known as one of the smoothest on the market. The ConvexV hull (comes standard on all Tige boats) absorbs every bump in the water, providing stability and comfort for everyone aboard. However, even in spite of all the luxury, it's the wake that will make you a believer.

Without extra ballast the wake is smooth, tall, and forgiving -- perfect for beginning wakeboarders. Bring on the 2400 lbs of ballast weight and you've got a steep monstrous ramp to throw down on. And for the wakesurfing set, there is an option to upgrade to the new ConvexVX -- a fiberglass hull extension which allows you to dial in the perfect wave every time.

Category: Large & Luxurious
Engine: PCM EX343 5.7 L MPI 343-HP
Length: 24ft/7.3m
Weight: 4,485 lbs. / 2,034 kg
Seating Capacity: 17 Persons
Fuel Capacity: 48 Gal. / 181.7 L
Hull Type: ConvexV
Beam: 102 in.
Best Suited for: Wakeboarding and surfing


Notable Standard Features:

'13 Tige RZ4 Overhead View

Photo © Tige Boats
  • TigeTouch touchscreen instrument control
  • Snap Out Carpet
  • Walk Through Transom
  • Integrated Cooler
  • Custom Molded Dash

Available Upgrades:

  • PCM Engines from 409 HP to 550 HP Supercharged
  • Custom Colors and Graphic Packages
  • Wet Sounds Premium Audio
  • Tige Alpha Z Custom Tower with Color Match
  • Saltwater Package
  • 2400 lb. Pro Factory Ballast Sytem with Tsunami Pumps

Is it the Right Boat for You?

It's abundantly clear that the RZ4 was designed to be a wake powerhouse with rider comfort in mind. With the extra wide 102 inch beam, there's enough room in this boat to keep all 17 passengers completely comfortable all day long -- the bow alone has the space to host a private party. Not to mention the fine meaning passengers won't have to look far to find an open cup holder or storage space to keep personal items dry.

Although the Tige RZ4 drips with style, it does have a couple drawbacks which might not make it suitable for everyone. Considering the extra large size, it will consume more gas than your average wake boat, so if you're trying to keep your fuel budget in check the RZ4 may not be the best choice. And even though it has premium features like ultra padded seats, streamlined custom molded dash, and the intuitive TigeTouch touchscreen command center. It also carries a premium price tag. So if budget is a factor, but you still want the undeniable Tige style then you may want to consider the RZR, or the R20. Also, die hard slalom skiers may have a tough time riding behind this behemoth as it's nearly impossible to get rid of the wake on this bad boy.

All things considered, the Tige RZ4 is an outstanding boat made for long days and large crews. So if you're looking for a big stylish boat that satisfies all of your riders and passengers, then the RZ4 may be your match.

If you're still having trouble narrowing down your boat options, then drop me a line and I'd be happy to make some recommendations based on your specific needs. You can also head over to the forums and get input from other boat owners in the About.com community.

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