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2013 Centurion Enzo SV 244 Wakeboard Boat

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With a name like Enzo you’d expect nothing less than Ferrari style trimmings and a sporty ride. And that’s exactly what the 2013 Centurion Enzo SV244 brings to the table. The folks at Centurion have affectionately called it, “your on-the-water stretch limo,” and I couldn’t agree with them more. Sporting an ultra spacious hull design, you and 15 of your peeps will definitely feel like you’re riding high in this ultra polished wave maker.

There is no question as to why the SV244 has been named the official boat of the World Wakesurfing Championship, it’s a highly polished mammoth that will consistently produce a wave unlike any other. In fact, conversations about wakesurfing usually include something mentioned about the Enzo series of boats. And even though it’s geared toward wakesurfing, wakeboarders will undoubtedly love the huge slope of the wake it leaves behind.

This boat is:Large and Luxurious
Who’s it for: Wakesurfers and fans of wakesurfing
Engine: Up to 550 HP Super Charged PCM XS 550-6.2L MPI V8
Length: 24’ / 7.32 M
Weight: 5,000 LBS / 2268 KG
Seating Capacity: 16 Persons
Fuel Capacity: 72 GAL / 272 L
Hull Type:Deep V, Wake
Bow Style:Open, Twin Tip Pickle-Fork
Beam: 102" / 2.59 M

MSRP: $90,000 USD

Notable Features:

  • Four onboard quick fill ballast tanks totalling 1,750 pounds
  • Digital ProVision dash system
  • Heated driver seat
  • Custom shaped Gladiator tower
  • Multiple Audio Configurations
  • Five graphics options
  • GPS speed Control
  • Fiberglass molded swim platform
  • Walk Through Transom
  • Spacious Ski Lockers
  • Plush vinyl wrap around seating
  • Wake Trim Tab
  • Counter drive prop for goofy footed wakesurfers
  • Sideswipe Exhaust

Is it the Right Boat for You?

This boat is absolutely centered around wakesurfing. All of the options and upgrades available are there to provide a better wave and make wakesurfing easier. Sideswipe exhaust will divert the noxious fumes from the engine to the side of the boat keeping them out of the breathing path of the rider. The counter drive prop is implemented to throw the boat wake to the right side of the boat so that goofy footed riders can enjoy the same wave that regular footers get. And the trim tab and four ballast zones are designed to give the driver complete control of the wake shape and length. As you can see, there is no aspect of this boat that doesn’t lend itself to wakesurfing.

Of course, wakesurfing can easily be done with other boats -- but if you are looking for a boat that will give you the best wakesurfing experience and coddle you with luxurious amenities then the SV244 knocks it out of the park on both fronts. The generously sized seating space is accented perfectly with stainless steel trim and billet panels to give that high performance sport look. Finally, the amazing onboard light schemes for the inevitable night sessions you will have on this boat are just the cherry on top of a near perfect creation.

Perhaps most shocking though is the amazingly reasonable price of the Enzo SV244. When compared to comparable boats in its class, the Enzo SV244 comes in at the lower end of the pricing spectrum making this beast a total trifecta - high performance, luxurious features, all wrapped up in a great price.

Even though it’s safe to say this boat is a crowd pleaser, serious slalom skiers will probably want to consider other options as the legendary wave is hard to diminish even at higher speeds. But all in all, the Enzo SV244 is a major contender in the the wake boat market and would certainly make you the envy of everyone else on the water.

Design and build your own Enzo SV244 at the official Centurion Website.

If you're still having trouble narrowing down your boat options, then drop me a line and I'd be happy to make some recommendations based on your specific needs. You can also head over to the forums and get input from other boat owners in the About.com community.

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