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2013 Axis A22 Wakeboard Boat

For Wakeboarders by Wakeboarders


2013 Axis A22 Wakeboard Boat

2013 Axis A22

Photo © Axis Wake Research

With a parent company like Malibu at their back, nothing but good can be expected from the 2013 Axis A22. And this boat defines what the Axis Wake Research company is all about. Which is -- not to sound redundant -- to research and develop better wakes. The A22 is a wakeboard boat in it’s most puritanical form -- every single feature on it is made to help wakeboarders progress.

On top of it’s obviously wakeboard centric nature, this boat is actually very easy on the wallet. And that makes it very appealing to anyone who is starting to get serious about their wakeboarding skills. In fact, Axis is one of the few boat companies that is completely focused on wakeboarding. Although the concept seems isolating, the A22 has been instrumental in proving the need for more players in this niche market.

This boat is: Medium in size and priced just right
Who’s it for: Wakeboarders, period.
Engine: Up to 450 HP Indmar
Length: 22' / 6.7 M
Weight: 3,600 LBS / 1633 KG
Seating Capacity: 15 Persons
Fuel Capacity: 48 GAL / 181.7 L
Hull Type:Deep V, Wake
Bow Style:Twin Tip Pickle-Fork
Beam: 100" / 2.54 M


Notable Features:

Overhead view of the 2013 Axis A22.

Photo © Axis Wake Research
  • Front and rear ballast options for a total of 1750 lbs.
  • Hi Flo ballast pumps
  • GPS speed control
  • Customizable graphics and color scheme
  • Premium Audio
  • Twin Tip Open Bow Design

Is it the Right Boat for You?

The Axis A22 is already forming a cult following of hardcore minimalist wakeboarders who wish to ride distraction free. But, to call the A22 a minimalist’s boat would be a dramatic understatement. True, it has been refined to cut out all of the unnecessary details that so many boats feature. However, the research and development behind this boat reveals a rich complexity you won’t find anywhere else.

The Axis A22 is born from a group of pro wakeboarders and boat makers who set out to push the limits of what was possible in a wake boat. The result? After five generations the A22 is continually refined to package epic wakes, clean styling, and affordability into one fundamentally awesome boat. Basically, the A22 is what happens when nothing is ruled out.

And speaking of affordability, the A22 delivers everything you’d expect from a boat almost double the price. It’s all there, comfortable seating, intuitive dash, raw power and torque, plenty of storage, and a design aesthetic that reaches the caliber of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. In short, if you’re a wakeboarder, this boat has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Having said that, there is one surefire way to tell if this is the right boat for you. If you don’t like wakeboarding, then this is not the boat for you, and Axis makes no qualms about it in their marketing and branding. But if you are looking for a boat that will turn each day on the water into an unforgettable riding session with your closest friends and family -- then the A22 is a perfect fit.

You can check out how Axis continues to push the limits of dedicated wakeboard boats, and build your very own customized A22 at the official Axis website.

Photo © Axis Wake Research

If you're still having trouble narrowing down your boat options, then drop me a line and I'd be happy to make some recommendations based on your specific needs. You can also head over to the forums and get input from other boat owners in the About.com community.

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