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2013 Hyperlite Marek Nova

An Advanced Wakeboard for Advanced Riders


2013 Hyperlite Marek Nova

2013 Marek Nova from Hyperlite

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber.com

As far as wakeboard manufacturers go, Hyperlite has been around the block. For 2013 their top wakeboard offering is definitely the Marek Nova. As the pro model for wakeboard marvel, Rusty Malinoski, you know it has to be ready for big airs and big landings.

Board Profile

Rider Skill: Intermediate to Expert
Core Material: Machined Nova Material, Carbon Graphite
Rocker Type: Abrupt Continuous
Fin Configuration: Four 1.0" P-Wing fins
Pro athlete who uses it: Rusty Malinoski
Warranty: 2 Years
Lengths Available: 135, 140, 145

Coming off the success of the 2012 Nova, this year the graphics have been revamped and the design has been a little more refined. The first thing you’ll notice is that this board is thin and light. Thanks to the machined Nova core material the overall volume has been reduced by 15% allowing for plenty of stability, but still offering the maneuverability that only an ultralight board can give.

It’s interesting that the Nova employs a continuous rocker design, as most boards geared toward advanced riders often have a three stage rocker for more pop. However, the shape was chosen to provide good pop with excellent response. That means that riders will be able to start initiating their tricks sooner, and will have greater control while in the air.

A New Approach to Board Construction

It goes without saying that investing in a Hyperlite Marek series board would be a sound choice, solely because so many top pros choose them as their whip of choice. But if you are the type that needs a little more convincing, the additional proof you are looking for lies in how the Nova is constructed.

As was already mentioned, the Nova features the ultralight machined Nova foam core, but Hyperlite approaches construction and assembly from a different point of view, because this board differs from typical wakeboards in a few key places.

For instance, while most boards are made with woven fiberglass -- which can eventually loosen and compromise the strength of the board -- the Nova features layered fibers that will maintain strength and consistency time after time, making this board a great choice for a long term shredder.

Also, most boards have issues with the sidewalls wearing thing and breaking over time, this is called delamination. Every wakeboard company has developed methods to prevent this from happening with mixed results, but Hyperlite seems to have developed a winner with their monocoque constructed outer layer. In a nutshell, Hyperlite has made the top and bottom outside layers into one solid piece providing an incredibly strong shield around the board that can withstand major impacts.

Now, to add a cherry on top of this fantastic wakeboard design, the Marek Nova features Hyperlite’s unique Strata Track mounting system for easy stance adjustments. Couple that with the patented Hyperlite System bindings, and riders can mount their boots in just about any position imaginable making a truly custom tailored ride.

Primary Features

  • Fully Machined Nova Core
  • Strata Mounting System
  • Enduro Base
  • Two Stage Channel with 9 degree Angled Fins

  • Molded Landing Feature
  • Monocoque Layered Glass Construction
  • M6 Inserts
  • Enduro Base
  • Who’s this board for?

    This board is obviously marketed toward seasoned riders who recognize the value of light weight, quick response, and more pop. And make no mistake, this board will absolutely deliver for advanced riders. However, even if you are an intermediate rider who is ready to take your riding to the next step, the Marek Nova is a board that can take you there and beyond.

    Do you need help finding the perfect board?

    The right wakeboard is out there for every skill level, so please feel free to drop me an email and let me know about your riding history and what your goals are. I would be happy to make a recommendation for you based on your own individual needs.

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