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How To Two Foot Slalom Waterski Deepwater Start


Here is how to get up on a slalom ski in the water with both the front and rear feet already in the ski boots. This is very similar to the one foot start.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 15 seconds

Here's How:

  1. Place both feet snugly in the ski boots. The back boot may just be a toe strap, which does not enclose the entire foot, but rather only the front of the foot.

  2. Flex the knees and ankles, bring them tightly up to your chest.

  3. Make sure the front knee is close to your body.

  4. Place the rope on the inside of the ski. (Right foot in front, rope on left; left foot in front, rope on right).

  5. Arms straight out (slightly bent at the elbows), chin towards chest, knees bent.

  6. Point the tip of the ski towards the boat at a 45 degree angle with at least 12 inches of ski above the water.

  7. As the boat begins to pull, keep the knees bent and shoulders back away from the boat.

  8. Let the boat do most of the work.

  9. Press forward with both feet and lean back.

  10. Slowly stand up by bringing your hips towards the handle.

  11. Do not pull on the rope towards your body, keep the arms straight.

  12. Do not point your head towards the sky to avoid getting water spray in the face. Having your sight set towards the boat is essential for keeping a balanced position.

  13. If you feel you are going off balance use your body to slightly steer in the right direction.

  14. Remain balanced, head towards the boat. Do not look down at the ski.


  1. This method, as opposed to the one foot slalom start, allows the skier to use both feet to keep the ski straight and absorb force. It is widely used by experienced and pro water-skiers.
  2. Use a deep-V handle to prevent the ski from wobbling from side to side, stabilizing the ski during the start.
  3. Do not get discouraged if you don't succeed right away. This usually takes several attempts before you get a successful one.
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