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Towropes, Line Length and Boat Speed for Wakeboarding

Not All Towropes are Created Equally


Wakeboarding Rope, Towline, Tow rope

Wakeboarding Rope/Handle

When it comes to wakeboarding, just any towrope won't do. You may have an old water ski rope stored on the boat but think twice before using it for wakeboarding.
  • Rope Stretch
    When wakeboarding you want to choose a non-stretch rope. A rope with stretch recoils while the wakeboarder is in the air, therefore lessens the height you are trying to reach. A stiffer rope allows you more control.

    How does this differ from waterskiing? A rope made for waterskiing requires a rope with stretch, which makes the rope more forgiving and helps pull you back and forth around the slalom course.

  • Towrope Length
    Rope length has a lot to do with how you will perform behind the boat. A good wakeboarding rope length to start with is around 45-50 feet.

    You want to pick a line length which makes you feel comfortable in jumping and clearing the wake. If you are having trouble clearing the wake try shortening the rope. A shorter rope places the wakeboarder at a narrower section of the wake. The most narrow part of the wake is closest to the boat. A wake increases in width as it travels away from the boat. If you are riding too much in the wash of the wake (sudsy choppy water) then you should lengthen the rope.

    As your skill level increases, and the more experience you have under your belt, you can move to a longer rope length, much like 50-55 feet long. Why a longer rope? A shorter rope allows you to catch less air. The shorter the rope the smaller distance you'll be able to jump in the air. You often need big air to perform tricks.

  • Boat Speed
    Rope length will also depend on your boat speed. A faster boat can accommodate a longer rope. For instance, if you are riding too much in the wash of the wake you should consider either increasing the boat speed or shortening the rope length.

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